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 Server Updates Thread.

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PostSubject: Server Updates Thread.   Tue Jul 19, 2011 1:33 am

Valnyr-Gaming Daily Updates
(Thread will be always updated with recent updates).
1. Server Updates [19.07.2011]:
- Now Dual-Talent Specialization is available from Valnyr-Gaming Classes Trainer.
- Once you complete quest "Moulgar Must Die!" and you will get the talents, you will never be able to lose them again when you reset your talent points.
- Reduced the time between Lar'thuz the Gorger heals - Increased to 12 seconds from 8.
- Risen Horrors in Halls of Reflection will explode now after 26 seconds you start the combat.
- Reduced Arazzius - The Eredar Demon damage by 10%.

2. Server Updates [19.07.2011]:
- I removed Dual-Spec, it caused a lot of problems from first second I added it.
- Added Dual-Wield to "Path of Redemption" quest. Players that already completed it have now the spell also.
- Bracers of Divine Infusion are now bracers. Delete your cache.

3. Server Updates [24.07.2011]:
- Updated the Core - Fixes a lot of small bugs.
- Arena Teams are now available at level 19.
- Arathi Basin is now available at level 19 aswell.
- Added PvP Items with Arena Points.
- Valnyr-Gaming Mall is now sanctuary.
- Maps are now fixed. You are no longer in "Unknown" while you are in Valnyr-Gaming Mall.
- Flash of Light has been replaced with Crusader Strike.
- We've fixed Class Trainer - Warlock no longer learn "Mark of the Wild".
- Bosses no longer cast spells on Totems or Player's Pets.

Regards, ZxOxZ.
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Server Updates Thread.
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