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 Extra useful spells for class

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PostSubject: Extra useful spells for class   Sat Jul 30, 2011 3:06 pm

Hunters: Steady Shot just to improve the rotation of the hunters a little bit, its ok for PvP as you may not have time to hard cast a spell, its just a bit crap for PvE purposes when you keep a DoT up and then use one abilties until you refresh Serpent Sting, also Rare skin pets in the new solo content youve be putting together like on a 4 day spawn rate or something would be awesome

Priest: Healing spells cost way too much mana, i believe Lesser Healing wave for shamans cost around 50 mana, the lowest heal for a priest costs around 238 mana, ofc there is renew but its shocking for periods of heavy damage

Paladins: Again as above holy light costs too much mana, i dont want it so ret and prot pallies are spaming it to keep them alive on heavy damage fights, its just a lot more than the shamans mana cost, Concecration and Hammer of the Righteous will help massizely for tanking as crusder strike is great for Ret but a lame for prot

Druids: Insect swarm would be great, Cats abilites suck a little...two buttons? are am i not seeing that these two buttons are OP as hell?

Shamans: Ha.....ye they can kill you buy melee'ing you down with flame shock on, and just healing up seriously? their base mana cost of spells is ok, however compared to the rest its ridiculas, also windfury/wrath of air totem would be great

Warriors: Overpower never seems to proc, Beserker stance would be great aswell, and prot warrios need something like shield slam or shield block atleast

Warlocks: Seem to be ok from what ive seen, GJ

Rogues: Rupture would be awesome, also gouge gives 5 combo points although i think you should leave it at 5 combo points maybe increase the CD to 10 seconds

Mage: Ice block, please? Smile and Cone of cold Very Happy i was going to ask for Arcane blast to make the Arcane tree more appealing but as spells dont scale with the levels it might be a bit OP

Tanks in general: Threat sucks balls, needs to be up'd so new tanks can actually hold aggro, i know you can tell people to wait for aggro but with every fight ive seen so far except for the second boss in HoR which i havent killed yet, most some to have an enrage effect at a certain amount of hp or after a set time, this leaves little time for the tank to actually build threat as the dps needs to start dps'ing start away to beat the enrage, or maybe less enrages on bosses

Managing aggro: Misdirect and Tricks of the Trade all i need to say, or up Tank threat

Healers in general: Paladins and Priest mana cost way to high, also the amount healed by shamans in basic retail twink gear heals more than a geared holy paladin, and priest are just well horrible to play

DPS in general: Not too bad GJ, some things need adjusting but GJ

Donor Stuff: *gulp* i know its supposed to be the awesome donor stuff, but its a little too OP, donors are more or less invincable in PvP and PvE with their 2.4k and their 3k mana they can melee down people with their caster weapons

Just my two bit, hope some of it was helpful
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Extra useful spells for class
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